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Incorporating Elite Nutrients into your Current Feeding Schedule

by Graham . on Aug 02, 2016

Incorporating Elite Nutrients into your Current Feeding Schedule

Growing Beyond Average

No matter how healthy you have learned to keep your crop through multiple tweaks over many months or years, there is always room to do better.  Successful growers know that getting to the first 75% of their growing potential is easy enough. It’s squeezing the final 25% out of your yield and harvest quality potential that creates the difference between “doing alright” and simply put, blowing the minds of those who see your gardens or who are fortunate enough to get their hands on your harvests.

Achieving Your Maximum Potential

Think of your grow like a performance sports machine: you can accelerate to the first half of top speed very quickly, the next quarter takes a little longer and the final quarter mark to achieve top speed doesn’t come on very quickly at all.  It takes dedication and the desire to learn new techniques and apply new technologies to help achieve our top speed from the “near there” indicator within your cropping time frame.

Tuning Your Performance Garden

Once you have your growing environment dialed with temperature, humidity and CO2 your nutrient solution and fertilizer feeding program is a great place to make some adjustments or add some modifications. 

For savvy soilless and hydroponic growers, the most effective places to start making changes to improve cropping results are at the starting line, ie quicker stronger starts, like early root development and towards the finish line, ie peak bloom or budding phase to final development.

How To Do It

Anybody who doesn’t already know would soon learn that there are many formulas and nutrients offered that claim to assist in these areas.  While the truth is these formulas often do help, the range of their effectiveness can vary greatly from formula to formula—they are not all made “the same” in spite of marketing materials that may make things sound that way.

The following two formulas from Elite Nutrients are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to getting strong starts and better finishes—for real differences you can see and weigh clearly above others.  These additives work with any base nutrients and contain multiple ingredients that allow you to replace several additives you may already be buying with a single formulation that will make a real and genuine improvement in your cropping potential.

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For Stronger & Healthier Starts:
Elite Nutrients, Root Igniter 

What Does It Do?

Increases root mass and plant health; plants are able to absorb more water and nutrients while resisting environmental stresses to produce healthier and heavier crops

When To Apply?

Presoak for rooting or germination media (great for aeroponic cloners too) and continue to use through week three of bloom. See feed chart for more details.

How Does It Work?

The Colony Forming Units of beneficial fungi colonize cut stems, roots and growing medias with highly select species of Fungi that work together to increase the roots surface area and ability for absorption of water and essential elements; inoculated plants better resist environmental stresses and crop diseases as a further benefit.

For Heavier & Higher Quality Flowers, Fruits and Improved Oil Contents in herbs:
Elite Nutrients, Resin D

What Does It Do?

Creates heavier and firmer flowers, fruits and buds with higher essential oil contents, enhanced flavors, aromas and other crop qualities related to resin and terpine production

When To Apply?

Once flowers are established or in early budding phases; may be used during leaf growth for culinary herbs for stronger flavors and aromas

How Does It Work?

Supplies super clean and highly available Phosphorous (P), Potassium (K) and trace Organic Nitrogen (N) to ensure ample nutrition when demands are highest; contains naturally occurring substances that stimulate heavy swells in buds and fruits and increased essential oil production in a variety of plants.