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General Information

Q: Where can I buy Elite Garden Wholesale products?
A: You can find Elite Nutrients at any participating Hydrofarm retailer. Check out our store locator to find a store near you. You can also buy Elite products on our website.

Q: Where can I find out how to use Elite products?
A: See our nutrient feed chart where we outline how much of each nutrient you want to use, how often you should use it, and when you use it during the growing cycle. The information has been measured precisely by scientists and tested by growers. You can also get the feed chart on your phone with our FREE app!

Q: How can I buy the Elite Growing Platform?
A: The Elite Growing Platform is available for commercial customers in pallet quantities. They are not for individual sale at this time. Please contact us directly to discuss quantities and to get a quote.

Q: What order do I mix the nutrients in?
A: A, B, C, D then Root Igniter

Q: When do I add a pH adjuster?
A: After you add A-D but before you add Root Igniter.  Optimal pH is between 5.8-6.3

Q: How long can I keep mixed nutrient solution?
A: To maintain optimal nutrient levels, we recommend to changing your reservoir every 7 days.

Q: Where do you create Elite Nutrient products?
A: All of the products in the Elite Nutrient line are custom designed by our team in the great state of California, and that’s also where they are produced.

Q: Are Elite products organic?
A: Our Nutrient products are a blend of all natural organic and inorganic components, containing no hormones, perfumes, dyes, or growth regulators. They have been specially engineered to maximize the bioavailability of nutrients for optimal absorption and efficacy. While we understand the allure of an all-organic garden, we also know that such products do not allow for the precise controls our blend of macro and micronutrients allow. More importantly, such precision delivers consistently superior results – control we just have not yet found with an all-organic solution. Nevertheless, we continue to develop organic products for testing and will make them available to the market when the yields and qualities of our testing team's crops rival our existing solutions.

Q: Are growth regulators used in Elite products?
A: No. We do not use any growth regulators in our Nutrient line. This includes paclobutrazol and daminozide, which have been shown to have negative health effects when ingested by humans.

Q: Are the Nutrient products good for all hydroponic growing?
A: Yes! No matter your growing system, Elite’s Nutrient line guarantees optimal performance. We know because we’ve tested our nutrients in all sorts of scenarios.

Q: What is the difference between Base Nutrient A and Base Nutrient B?
A: Base Nutrient A and B complement each other. Base Nutrient A delivers critical calcium and nitrogen, while B provides potassium, phosphorous, and magnesium. You have to wait to mix the two nutrients at the right time so that they don’t react with each other too soon. Also, the amount you use of each changes depending on your growing setup. Please see the nutrient feed chart if you’re looking for more information on the mixing ratios.

Q: Why am I getting a white precipitate?
A: Calcium buildup can occur if Base A and Base B haven't been thoroughly dissolved before adding Root Tonic and Resin D. Make sure to stir Base A and B well and give ample time for the solution to dissolve.

Q: Does Elite Garden Wholesale offer a money-back guarantee?
A: Yes. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund. Have your proof of purchase handy and call 805-965-4448. Our customer support team will be delighted to take care of you.

Q: Are there Safety Sheets available for the Elite Nutrients products?
A: Yes, all of our Safety Sheets are below.


Hobby Growers

Q: I’m just starting out. What should I buy?
A: We recommend starting with (2) - 32oz Base A, (2) - 32oz Base B, (1) - 32oz Root Tonic C, (1) - 32oz Resin D and (1) - 32oz Root Igniter. When mixed, this will be enough nutrients to feed 5 gallons per day for 12 weeks.

Q: How do I mix the nutrients?
A: Check out the tutorial on our blog- How to: Nutrients for Beginners

Q: What is hydroponics?
A: Simply put, hydroponics is the art of growing without soil. All of the nutrients a plant normally gets from soil are instead introduced by the grower. Hydroponics allows growers to produce the highest quality crops in the most efficient manner.

Q: What are nutrients?
A: Elite’s nutrients are mixtures of vitamins and trace minerals essential to the growth of plants. You might also see them referred to as “micronutrients” in other locations.

Q: What does Elite do?
Working closely with the industry's most advanced commercial growers, Elite developed a line of hydroponic nutrients and tools for both the hobbyist and large scale commercial grower. Elite also tests out and curates hydroponic products from around the world, creating a one-stop shop for you to buy the best there is to offer for all your hydroponic growing needs.

Q: Does Elite sell medical marijuana?
A: No. Elite sells products and nutrients that assist in the growing process. We do not sell marijuana, extracts, seeds, or clones. Please see your licensed medical marijuana dispensary for those products.

Q: Why does pH matter?
A: When the pH is not at the proper level, the plant will lose its ability to absorb essential elements required for healthy growth. This is particularly true for liquid nutrient products.


Commercial Growers

Q: Have Elite Garden Wholesale’s products been tested in a commercial growing setting?
A: Yes. We developed the Elite line by working with large-scale commercial growers on indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse operations. Elite line products are available in commercial sizes (55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes). If you’re a commercial grower, please contact us directly for bulk pricing.

Q: Are there discounts for bulk purchases of Elite Garden Wholesale products?
A: Yes. Please contact us directly to discuss your volume and we will get you set up with a commercial account.

Q: What product mix do you recommend my company try out to see how we like Elite products?
A: We recommend starting with (1) - 5 Gal Base A, (1) - 5 Gal Base B, (1) - 1 Gal Root Tonic C, (1) - 1 Gal Resin D and (2) - 1 Gal Root Igniter. When mixed, this will be enough nutrients to feed 40 gallons per day for 12 weeks (2,880 gallons total).


Wholesale Distributors

Q: Can our company sell Elite Garden Wholesale products?
A: Our products are exclusively distributed through Hydrofarm. If you would like to apply for a wholesale account, please visit Hydrofarm at: