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When passion meets purpose, there’s no end to the possibilities. At Elite, we’re here to help your hydroponic garden reach its full potential. Our simple, cost-effective nutrient systems lead to high-yield results. Whether you’re a part-time hobbyist or a full-scale commercial operation, you’ll find everything you need for success right here.

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Chelation | What is it?

The Chelation Relation: The Art of a Good Chelate Hi Everyone! Dr. NPK here, at it yet again. Today’s blog topic is about chelation: a...
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Micronutrients: Part 2

Micronutrients Part 2: Heavy Metal is Back! Hi Guys, Dr. NPK here. I warned you that I was going to have my pun game on...
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We do not use paclobutrazol, daminozide, or any other plant growth regulators in our nutrients.  Learn More here.