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Pipelines to Explosive Plant Growth

by Graham . on Mar 11, 2016

Pipelines to Explosive Plant Growth

Without question, the keystone for any successful plant harvest is a healthy root system. And while most often unseen, at the end of a harvest, plant roots alone can account for as much as one-third of the dry weight of a plant. Roots are responsible for far more than simply anchoring a plant to the earth. They absorb and deliver water and soluble minerals to an actively growing plant, and work as a nutrient storage container for perennial plants so that they can grow again after a long, cold winter of dormancy.

Root systems are complex, so much so that their complete function makes a simple analogy difficult. Suffice it to say that roots in general, and root hairs more specifically, are the genesis of a vast network of pipelines that deliver life creating nutrients and water to the stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits of a living plant. In order for roots to work as nature intended, they must have access to sufficient levels of oxygen for the healthy development of root hairs, which are the critical juncture for most of the water and minerals the plant absorbs.

Establishing this pipeline network as early as possible in a plant's life cycle produces a number of benefits, eventually leading to consistently larger harvests of higher quality flowers in shorter periods of time. Given correspondingly appropriate levels of sunlight and oxygen, providing the largest number of pipelines into the developing plant tissues will reduce stress levels on the plant, while maximizing the elemental inputs given.

In essence, we want to provide an environment that encourages a network so robust that, should part of our pipeline become damaged or inoperative, we have plenty of other pipes available to get the job done without having to sacrifice the quality or weight of our harvests.

Out in the garden, vast numbers of naturally occurring species of beneficial fungi exist that are important to the health of both the soil and plant roots. Mycorrhizae fungi colonize plant roots in a cooperative relationship that greatly increases root mass and more importantly, root hairs. By working together, the plant is better able to collect water and nutrients while significantly improving their use and in exchange, the fungi gets lots of sugars from the leaves of the plant which they use to further colonize new roots. It all makes for a very happy coexistence.

In hydroponics, these life-giving mycorrhizae fungi don't occur naturally, so to get their benefits, we have to introduce them as mycorrhizal inoculate to the nutrient solution. This is where new and leading products like Elite Root Igniter are playing a pivotal role in creating record harvests, both in quantity and quality, by providing the essential foundation for growth during the first days of root development. Used during the first two weeks of annual plant growth, Elite Root Igniter provides very high levels of targeted beneficial endomycorrhizae including Glomus intraradices; Glomus mosseae; Glomus aggregatum; and Glomus etunicatum; all at measured levels of at least 34 propagules per milliliter each in an extra concentrated formula that provides proven root inoculation at a very cost-effective price point.

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As with all life, early nurturing is the basis for future growth. And with crop production, where profits are at stake, a small investment today can reap huge rewards at harvest. This simple addition at the beginning of your crop cycle will give your plants the best chance at exceeding your expectations!