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Product Spotlight: Elite CalMag 2-0-0

by Dr. NPK on Oct 17, 2017

Product Spotlight: Elite CalMag 2-0-0

Choices, Choices, Choices

As growers, we have a lot of variables to consider when growing the perfect crop: what pH do we want? What type of growth medium? What sugars should we add? What should I eat for dinner…. the possibilities are endless! One major decision all growers face is what type of water to use: tap, DI, or RO water. I analyzed these choices in detail in a blog post here, but the takeaway message here is: RO and DI water contain significantly less minerals than tap water does. This is a good thing, though: this allows us to have a much finer creative control with the nutrients we use (instead of the city groundwater dictating its contents), but it also means the water must properly be fortified with the right balance of nutrients or our plants will starve! By using de-mineralized water, we are removing virtually all calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and heavy metals. Although heavy metals and sodium are not good for the cannabis plant, they desperately need Ca, Mg, and Fe.

Calci…….Um What?

It became clear to us early on that growers using de-mineralized water run the risk of calcium and magnesium deficiencies due to their water supply. Despite not being considered a “primary nutrient” like NPK, calcium and magnesium are crucial to growing the perfect crop. Calcium and magnesium deficiencies can cripple a crop, and a few symptoms include:

  • Poorly developed buds
  • Stunted growth
  • Curled leaves
  • Yellow/dark spots
  • Poorly developed root system

Pumping Iron

Although technically classified as a “micronutrient,” iron (Fe) is anything but small. Iron is a vital micronutrient that prevents extreme yellowing of newer leaves; a lack of iron can quickly turn your crop to a yellow nightmare! Iron is a special nutrient that is involved in many of the cellular processes found in plants; often, it is hard to distinguish between an issue with iron exclusively vs. issues between magnesium/iron/calcium. One way growers can tell the difference is that iron deficiencies tend to affect all incoming leaves, whereas magnesium deficiencies tend to impact older leaves. Because of the difficulty in diagnosing the correct elemental deficiency (Mg vs. Ca vs. Fe), we tend to view iron as a “secondary nutrient” instead of a micronutrient.

Elite CalMag: The Solution to the R/O Dilemma

When we designed Elite CalMag, we wanted to make sure that we accounted for the valuable secondary nutrients that growers need to produce the perfect crop. Elite CalMag was formulated with our friends in the “ium” family in mind: fortified with calcium and magnesium, Elite CalMag provides secondary nutrients to balance out the core Elite nutrient line. Additionally, Elite CalMag contains iron. Not all iron sources are created equal: Elite CalMag contains a special chelated iron that enhances uptake of iron into the plant; think of chelated iron like that body guard that ushers you in to the party while everyone else waits in line! The result is a product that provides rapidly usable secondary nutrients that will make a difference in your system. No matter which secondary nutrient deficiency you are trying to solve, Elite CalMag provides a blanketed solution that will put your plants back on track!

The Elite CalMag Difference

Like the rest of the Elite Nutrient line, Elite CalMag was developed to provide distinct, appreciable advantages compared to other supplemental lines. The Elite CalMag difference includes:

  • Higher concentrations of secondary nutrients in the bottle- more bang for your buck!
  • Fe/Mg/Ca bundled together in one supplement – ensures all secondary nutrient deficiencies are handled with one treatment
  • Low nitrogen content – prevents leaf burn from nitrogen overdose
  • Fully clear/soluble product – no clogging lines or poor visibility
  • Free of artificial dyes, perfumes, growth regulators, and hormones
  • Uses raw materials that provide highly “plant available” nutrients – results in faster uptake (including chelated iron)
  • Excellent product stability resulting in longer shelf life

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