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Introducing: Dr. NPK

by Graham . on Sep 12, 2017

Introducing: Dr. NPK

We've got a new contributor!

We are always trying to educate and delineate as much information as possible so you can be an informed grower. To accomplish this, we've brought on our newest contributor: Dr. NPK.

Take a second to learn a little bit about his background and why he's a fantastic authority on the science of growing:

Dr. NPK has been in the chemical formulating business for over 9 years. With a Bachelors in chemistry from UCLA and a Ph.D. in chemistry from UC Irvine, he has always had a passion for chemical formulation. Over the past several years, his focus has narrowed towards the research and development of products that are optimized for cannabis. He assisted in the development of the Elite Nutrient line and takes great pride in the products he created and uses himself. He has made it his mission to cut through all the pseudoscience available on the web and to educate readers on the science behind growing top-shelf bud. With a dog that he treats like his son and his 2 month old daughter (of the human variety), Dr. NPK's is a busy man who can clean up a mess in record times; don't even ask.

Stay tuned for future articles from Dr. NPK!