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How to: Nutrients for Beginners

by Graham . on Jan 12, 2017

How to: Nutrients for Beginners

This guide will help you get started now that you have your Elite Nutrients. If you are a beginner, we suggest starting small at 5 gallons. If you are more experienced, we suggest referring to the feed chart for larger grows inside larger containers.

This guide will mix over 55 gallons of diluted solution which is enough to feed 5 gallons a week throughout a 12 week cycle. The instructions below will help get you started.

What you'll need.. 

Step 1.


Fill 5 gallon container with reverse osmosis or distilled water. Note: You can use a smaller container if desired and make multiple batches throughout the week.

Step 2.


Use measuring cup to measure out the appropriate amount of Base Nutrient A (see feed chart on Elite Nutrients app for details).

Step 3.


Use stirring stick to mix Base Nutrient A in water.

Step 4.


Rinse measuring cup and repeat with Elite Nutrients A-D

Step 5.


Use pH meter to test pH of water. Note:  The ideal range is between 5.8-6.3

Step 6.


If needed, use pH up or down solution by following manufacturer’s instructions.  

Step 7.


Test pH again to ensure its between 5.8-6.3.

Step 8.


Use measuring cup to measure out the appropriate amount of Root Igniter (see feeding chart for details) and repeat steps 2-4. Note:  Root Igniter is pH neutral, adding last will not effect the pH levels of the water.

Now, transfer your mixed solution to a watering device of choice for your feedings*. Use the mixed 5 gallon solution to feed your plant all week. On day 7, water with plain RO or distilled water. Mix a new batch each week according to Elite feed chart. Feed directly into your root zone. Happy growing!

* Feeding frequency/amounts vary depending on media choice & pot size. We do NOT recommend using Elite as a foliar spray on the plant canopy.

 Download PDF: