Elite Garden at Pilgrim Terrace in Santa Barbara

Elite Garden Visits Pilgrim Terrace

Our marketing team visited the incredible Pilgrim Terrace Tower Gardens. The Pilgrim Terrace Tower Gardens is a great non-profit organization that provides healthy meals to low income senior housing via the efficiency of hydroponic gardening. The Tower Gardens team welcomed us and gave us an early morning tour of the gardens. We were happy to donate some Elite nutrients to their gardens. Here are some pictures!

Our marketing team got to see first hand just how impactful and space efficient tower gardening can be.   

Here's how the Pilgrim Terrace Tower Garden explains their goals,

"Typical housing subsidies do little to nothing to promote the Nutritional health of Low Income Seniors and Disabled persons. After all, they are only in the business of affordable housing. At Pilgrim Terrace, we provide a FREE healthy meal to our residents every day of the year."


Take a quick 360° tour of their leafy greens garden.

And here they grow squash and other larger vegetables.

Here is the Pilgrim team starting the process of seeding.

And one more

Check out their website here: here!