Who is Elite For? Both Novice and Commercial Hydroponic and Soil growers

One of the beautiful things about designing a super effective, concentrated, simple to use, cost effective nutrient system like Elite is that it's a perfect fit for both Novice and Commercial cultivators.

That high yields and maximum essential oil production is something that everyone appreciates goes without saying (though i guess I just did).

The simplicity and ease of use are a great fit for new and hobbyist growers looking to reduce the possibility for mistakes... as well as for professional growers using fertigation and injection feeders that are much easier to use with fewer part recipies.

The high concentration of the Elite line means that it is as concentrated as possible while still maintaining maximum bio-availability to the plants without the need for any other supplements. Benefits of high concentration include reduced shipping weight, less storage space requirements and longer times between reordering. It also means that a little Elite goes a long way further reducing the cost per usable gallon. Elite nutrients may not be the cheapest product on the market but they are definitely the best value.

We love them for our garden and hope that you will too.